June 1, 2017

5-31-17 2 hr 4 min 48 sec
What could I possibly expect, that I would be invulnerable to Comcast’s incompetence? As I need internet service and an alarm system at the new location, and need to retain my service here at 8800 until I move, my friendly sales guy, Brian, told me I needed to start a new account and retain the bundle, which included phone service, at a significantly lower price. We agreed to terms and set up an appointment for June 7 between 1-4pm. I remember thinking at the time that I had gotten away pretty unscathed; 13 min 53 sec.
An e-mail appeared and advised I needed to set up my user name and password for the new account.  How hard could this be? Went in to set the account up and it asked for my CPNI number, a 4 digit code for the voice mail system security. Reviewing previous confirmation e-mails received, none of them contained this 4 digit code.
Foolishly, truly foolishly, I called Comcast. Between 4 departments, and 2 hours and 4 minutes and 48 seconds,  I finally connected to a guy who clearly understood what was going on and what I needed. He advised it would be 1-2 hours before the CPNI would arrive in my Comcast e-mail. It arrived, but in the wrong e-mail, they gave me the CPNI for the service I currently have. UGH!

I am getting stage fright about tomorrow.

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