June 4, 2017

Saturday & Sunday  June 3 & 4

When this process started, I made a vow that I would not allow the house to own me as the renovations are being done. There was no visit to the house on Sunday, although I did stop in on Saturday, mainly to work on scale drawings of the kitchen. I need this so that I can demonstrate to the General Contractor what I want. As they knew in the Middle Ages, drawings are good for conveying one’s ideas to builders.

There has been some activity on Amazon, things I would never have imagined I would ever buy: 1) Hose and sprinkler 2) 27 Gallon Trash Can 3) Work Bench 4) Bat Door Knocker. None of these is applicable to to my lifestyle in an apartment. I have noted that my attention is drawn to more utilitarian things at thrift stores. One question, where do the garden tools go when someone breaks up a house?

Is it odd that one has 7 moving boxes full of drinking glasses? Made major headway on the packing thing. When the day comes, I want things pretty much done well in advance. The thought of panic packing un-nerves me. 

Yesterday two of my favorite people celebrated their birthday. June 3 is most definitely an auspicious day. Both dudes are hilarious, smart, intelligent and most importantly, kind.

Renovations and demolition start tomorrow, the EZ Box shows up, and Amazon promises all sorts of junk is going to arrive.

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